How can I star to work?

You register on the page, and follow the instructions.

Which wallets can I deposit from?

We'll see who we can reach an agreement with.

How much time until my deposit arrives?

We'll validate it in 24-48 hours.

How can I check out my profits?

Use the Withdraw menu and follow the instructions. (You have to confirm the checkout twice, and it'll arrive in 24-48 hours)

Can I lose money?

The possibility of losing money exists as with all similar extra profit investments, but our team is working tirelessly to keep this from happening. Our income comes from multiple sources and at differing times. However, you have to be aware of the basics of taking a chance, and put only as much in your balance that it doesn't cause hardship in case of loss, but we give all the help you need, if you follow our advice, you can minimise the possibility of losses.

Can I open multiple accounts?

Yes, you can open as many accounts as you like, the IP address doesn't matter, but if you're not active, your account will be deleted automatically! You'll have to fill the safe in all your accounts to make a profit.

What is the safe?

The safe is an entirely separate account, it is not the same as your balance. The intention of the safe is for you to get your profit, but you can only work with the amount of money your safe permits. If you empty your safe, your account will cease to exist!

for 0-6 months, you get only 50% back
for 6-12 months, you get only 75% back
after 12 months, you get all 25% back

Are there other income sources?

You get proceeds from the income of Borrowta and its subsidiaries monthly. This is a constantly growing and lasting (passive) source of income, that becomes independent of Borrowta as soon as the next company is established. This ensures that you suffer no loss of profit, since Borrowta is a hybrid site, and part of it is HYIPE, in time that part will stop, but it was developed further and converted to a revenue sharing company.

What is a Nano point?

The Nano points are the same as shares, based on the number of points you have, you'll get the proceeds from the passive profits. The more Nano points you have, the more your monthly proceeds will be.
How can I accumulate Nano points?
After every successful transaction (when you purchase a package - not re-purchase), you get a number of Nano points, depending on your category.
You can purchase them as well, in the Balance menu. You can find a spreadsheet about the number of Nano points you receive after a transaction in your office.

What commissions do I get after my referrals?

. This, too, changes by category, you'll find a detailed spreadsheet in you office.
We have a reverse, three leveled commission system.
Example: Your ref is in Category 1: from your
1st level, 2%
2nd level: 3%
3rd level: 5%

Can I change my Username or E-mail address?

. No, since there are no other fixed ties between the Group and You...

What payment processors can be used?

  • Perfect Money
  • Payeer
  • Bitcoin
  • Uphold
  • and is expanding, depending on how we agree with other companies.

Can I use a different processor than the one on my profile?

. Yes, but there are additional expenses involved, depending on the processor in question.

How will I get my commission?

On the Dashboard enter Commission menu and click the Transfer button.
Then the 90% of your commission will be transfered to your Balance, 10% gets your sponsors three level up, and this is also how you get commission from your referrals.