Who are we?

We are a group of like-minded people, who have had enough of all the online scams and giving all our money to various swindlers who disappear into thin air, almost as fast as they'd appeared. This is why we planned our combined business venture. We've accumulated the experience from all the setbacks and failures along the years. We've analysed the operation of many online businesses and their dividend systems. There are those among us that have years of experience in MLM marketing. After reviewing all the good and bad experiences we devised our own system, which is unique. We're a group of everyday people that have combined all of our knowledge and years of experience. We represent people from all professions, that work together toward a free life.

Our goal:

To run a source of income, that doesn't provide a shaky income for just a few months or years, but one that can provide a stable and constantly growing passive income for its members. To make an online mechanism that generates profit, not only for the major investors, but one that makes it possible for anyone to achieve their dreams, starting from naught.

Our company:

Our company provides income from multiple sources for our members, month to month even, and even multiple times a day! Moreover company pursues the establishment of various new businesses that generate income in the long run in a diverse range of important and increasingly popular branches of industry. E.g. the production of pet food, alternative energy source, purification of drinking water, tourism, online casinos, etc. Part of the income from these businesses will be distributed among our members. Furthermore, we are operating a so called P2P style webpage, the income of which is also redistributed to our members. Also, we're HYIPE type work, but it's combined with other sources of income, so we can pay dividends even if the HYIPE page in question ceases to exist. As you can see, we are a hybrid company with multiple sources income, and we are planning to operate for twenty years, at the very least. We don't intend to disappear like so many similar pages! We won't forsake our members, in fact we've created an emergency fund, where we deposit a percentage of our income, so we can use it to provide restitution for our members in case of bankruptcy. We are the only hybrid enterprise in the world, where the members are of utmost importance, since without them our company wouldn't exist.

Good luck and a stabile passive income to all our valued users!