Even taking in view of that fact that the administration of Nano Invest Group took care of installation of all necessary means of protection, including data encryption and DDoS protection, follows nevertheless before starting using the our program site, to perform some simple rules which will help to secure your work in Internet.

In order to make more clear, how important observance of safety rules for the Internet, we will list the most typical users mistakes of network, and also we'll show the most popular tricks of malefactors on the Internet. And also we will familiarize you with easy and simple ways of how to avoid loss of data as a result of hacking of your account.

The most widespread users mistake is transfer of personal data, namely authorization data, the password and a user name, to the third parties. Under no circumstances do not make it! In case of data transmission by authorization, passwords from e-mail and other confidential data, we won't be able to help you, and all responsibility for consequences from similar acts completely lays down on the user.

Incidents of such kind happen, as a rule, upon clicking on entrusted links, when downloading various content from the unchecked or doubtful sites and file sharing sites. The similar reasons can be caused also by clicking on to the sites according to the links received by you from popup windows. As result of all above-mentioned actions - the occurrence of unwanted on your computer of malware which will attempting to carry out the various tasks. Starting from causing damage as to the own computer, and finishing with theft of confidential information from your computer. In case of similar succession of events we can't and shouldn't bear damage liability which you can incur from similar programs. Including phishing which can use the fake sites externally very similar to the sites in which you have the registered accounts for obtaining personal data. Therefore always attentively check data of the site in an address line of your browser. At the slightest suspicion that you visited not authentic website, immediately leave this to page and PC reboot, having cleared cookies. Never use functions of autofilling of a form for an log in to any sites. Very often using of this function leads to inadvertent data transmission to malefactors.

Attention! We will never send you emails asking our clients to tell us the details of the its data authorization!