Terms and conditions

Legal statement

Information of the Service provider

Name: Nano Invest Group Ltd.
Headquarters: Dominica
Corporate registration number: 18956
Representative: Alex James, director
Contact: +447418461024


Any natural or legal entity that registers in the system, and so the Service provider records them as a User of the Borrowta system.
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Description of service

We provide an online interface for so-called P2P transactions between our registered users. The credit and debit that emerge in the course of these transactions are handled by Borrowta, and forwards those to the Users involved in the transaction, for this Borrowta detracts a predetermined fee. It verifies the authenticity of the items involved and enables access to the money for its Users. Part of the net income from these transactions are acquitted back to its registered Users, while another part of the income is used to launch a new company, a part of the new company's income is also acquitted back to the users. With every transaction members are given a number of so-called Nano points, and based on the number of points they have in their possession, they will be paid in dividends. It coordinates and oversees the operation of the created companies and sends records to its Users. Warning: Take the time to read and comprehend the General Terms of the Contract! It is important to define the legal relationship between You and Borrowta Limited (henceforth the Company). By opening your account you automatically acknowledge that you have read, comprehended, accepted and consented to the General Terms of the Contract, so that you can make use of our services. The information you find on the https://smalteam.com/ page is not a mandatory invitation to invest your money with us, this is your decision. By registering you accept that you were given all the information about the risks and the opportunities involved, in the future you cannot refer to lack of knowledge in case of possible problems. Before registering seek the opinion and advice of a professional. Past public results do not guarantee the same degree of, or pace of success in the transactions relayed by the Company. The number, activity and risk-taking of our members is in constant flux, for this reason there are no transactions at fix intervals (P2P). You take note of and accept that We cannot guarantee fixed deadlines, because they fluctuate constantly! BUT we can guarantee the immediate payoff after every transaction. The Company reserves the right to change rules at any time for the sake of long-lasting function of itself, but it guarantees that its users will be notified of any change in writing. Users will be notified afterward about the regulations involving the companies created and operated, and they have no say in the running of such entities. In the event of termination or liquidation of any subsidiary our members can get recompense only in the amount specified by the contract. The Borrowta group has sole copyright of the website, as well as all the design features. The Company owns the copyright for all the content displayed on the website, except for a part reserved for a third party. The pictures, trademarks and brand-names are also regulated under Law pertaining to the protection of intellectual property; they cannot be reproduced or appropriated in any way without written consent from the Company. We are not responsible for any content from a different webpage that is accessible from our webpage, or that has references to them on the page, and the Company cannot be held responsible for any harm that arises on the webpage of a third party. We reserve the right to display advertisements on our webpage, but we cannot take responsibility for the contents of said advertisements. The Company does not take responsibility for any harm caused by a delay in transmitting data. The Company cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss caused by military or political action or natural disaster. The Company does not take responsibility for the methods employed by the User in order to protect their personal computer, we do not guarantee protection from malicious software or other unauthorised person accessing the client's computer, this is the User's responsibilities, to protect one's personal computer. The User accepts that the Group is in no way responsible if the User suffers loss on account of delays in transactions, since we cannot influence our member's actions. The User understands that they invest their money in the system at their own risk, and that the Group's past performance is not a guarantee for an equal performance in the future.

General Terms

1.1. Our User can be a resident of any country.
1.2. The User registers an account at the Company, but the outcome is generated by a third party's (another User) contribution.
1.3. The User places their deposit through electronic payment systems that are available at the given moment, places their investments in an amount that is predetermined by the Company's investment plans.
1.4. The Company demands that the User acts in their own name only, and they cannot act in the name of another person or group.
1.5. The communication between the Company and its Users is strictly confidential and is considered our classified information that can be used solely by the Company and its User, giving it to a third party, group or corporation is strictly prohibited!


Registration, passwords and security

Only by accepting the Terms and Conditions and registering will You be entitled to access and make use of the Company's services and the contents of the inner pages. By registering, every User takes it upon themselves to give real, accurate, up-to-date and comprehensive information about themselves, and accepts that if there is any change in their personal information, that change must be made known to the Company by filling out the relevant forms. They acknowledge and understand that this is in the interest of the security of all Users. If the User provides information that is false, inaccurate, out-of-date, or incomprehensive, or if the Company suspects for any reason that this information is false, inaccurate, out-of-date, or incomprehensive, the company has the right to refuse the use of or access to our current or future services to You. During registration, the User gives their public username and secret password (one that even the Company will be unaware of). The secrecy of this password is the responsibility of the User, and it is their obligation to protect it on their personal computer or the device in use at the time. The Company cannot be held responsible for any harm, if You do not keep to this part and give Your password to a third party. The Company reserves the right to change the Terms at any time. It must be accepted that the Terms can change from time to time. These changes will be disclosed on the Company website and its members will be notified via newsletter. You take notice of these changes. If at any given time You come to the decision that you cannot accept these Terms we ask you not to register! The security of the personal information is multileveled, but the Company does not take responsibility for the function of the security system that is provided to us by a third party, as the Company is merely a user of these services.


The User takes note and accepts that all risk is theirs to take, and they partake in the transactions relayed by the Company of their own accord. The Company is only the intermediary in every activity, and it has no influence over the time or extent of it, this depends from the activity of the third party (another User) involved in the transaction. The Company guarantees only that it will relay the actual results from a transaction between the Users and provides the online interface for the usage and forwarding of said results for its Users. The Company warns its User to take only the amount of risk that will not cause them hardship in case of loss! We cannot guarantee any restitution or other insurance. By registering, the User accepts all the Terms listed here, this is evidenced and verified by checking the marking square and uploading the required KYC document. If the upload and verification of said KYC document does not occur, the Company will terminate the legal relationship with the User without any justification or notice, and can exheredate them from the webpage and all the services provided by the Company. The Company ensures the appropriate and operational interface for its Users, but it must be noted that technical difficulties can arise at any time, but it is the responsibility of the Company that these difficulties are resolved as soon as possible, but the Company is not responsible for any damages that are a result of this, along with any damages caused by the shortcomings of the individual internet service providers.


The contents of the Balance can be taken out at any time, but for safety reasons this is done manually, as such, it can take up to 24-48 hours! If you want to cancel your account before the end of the term, you can get back your money as it is tied up in the form:
From 0-6 months you can take out 50 % of your invested capital From 6-12 months you can take out 75 % of your invested capital After 12 months you can take out 25 %-of your current capital

Nano points,
As of May 1, 2016 the Users can trade their Nano points amongst themselves, for a mutually agreed upon price.
(It is advised to do this before terminating your account, since after the termination, you won't get monthly income after your Nano points.) For the accounts terminated before May 1, 2016, the account's Nano points are lost, and the monthly income stops.

The Company takes upon itself

To provide the appropriate interface for the transactions between its Users. It guarantees the exact and precise handling of the money sent by its Users. To investigate the matter in case of any problem. To provide help in the usage of the website on request. To fairly acquit the profit to its Users in the future. To manage and successfully lead and operate the newly launched subsidiaries. To notify its Users in writing if any problems arise in line with this. To acquit the income generated by the companies back to its Users, depending on the amount of Nano points they own. The Company can, for the sake of its operation, make the sponsors aware of the username and e-mail address of their referrals. The User cannot spread false, defamatory comments, blogs about the Company, for the Company can start legal proceedings because of this, for defamation and slander. At the same time, the Company will not disclose any compromising or personal information to a third party or the public.